Being single seems to be extremely tough these days. It is something I have struggled with on numerous occasions. I still have my moments where it feels sad, overwhelming, and lonely. But God is dealing with me, just like He is dealing with you. Many people don’t talk about what they are going through. We hide behind our smiles, and pretend all is well, when in fact we are hurting, frustrated, and bruised inside because its not cool to feel those emotions or openly admit to want to be love. I am here to tell you it is ok to feel the way you do. I am learning to bare all, and it is helping with the healing process.

God has placed it in my heart to write blogs to share his message. Although most of the blogs are on the topic of singleness, I will allow God to use me in any way. This Christian walk is tough and we face many obstacles in life. I am completely raw and straight forward with the things I share with you, because I am hopeful that my motivation will help you through whatever challenges you face. Some of this will not be things you will hear in the church, but it is given to me by God. So be encouraged family. I come to you with love, Agape Love with a Purpose.


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